Mr. Mehulkumar Shah

Faculty Details

  • Designation : Associate Professor
  • Qualification : PhD
  • Experience : 28 Years
  • Area Of Interest : PLC, Embedded systems and Near Infrared Spectrosopy

Educational Qulaification

1. B.E. (Instrumentation and Control) from L.D.Engineering College, Ahmedabad, 1993

2. M.E.(Instrumentation and Control) From Thapar University (Deemed), Patiala, 2001
3. Ph.D. From GTU, 2016.

Papers/Book Publication

M.K.Shah,C.B.Bhatt, J.B.Dave,  “NIR Spectroscopy Technology ready for Food industries applications”, International Journal of Applied and Natural Science (IJANS) - volume 5, 2016.

M.K.Shah,.B.Bhatt,J.B.Dave, "Temperature dependent of NIR spectrosopicanalysis for food grain samples" International Journal of Science and Tehnology- Vol 9,Issue-9

Short term training details

1. Medical Instrumentation at Government Polytechnic, Gandhinagar from 21/03/1994 to 31/03/1994.

2. Medical Instrumentation at College of Engineering,Guindy, Madras from 09/10/1995 to 20/10/1995.
3.Induction training at NITTTR, Bhopal from 18/12/1995 to 12/01/1996.
4. Industrial training at Torrent Power, Ahmedabad from 04/04/1996 to 01/05/1996.
5.Mirocontroller and its application at Government Polytechnic, Gandhinagar from 08/12/2003 to 19/12/2003.
6.Industrial Automation using PLC and SCADA at NITTTR,Chandigarh from 03/01/2005 to 07/01/2005.
7. Embedded System Design at VGEC, Chandkheda from 25/09/2012 to 29/09/2012.
8. FDP on Enterprenuership for faculties of Engg. and Polytehni Colleges at EDI, Ahmedabad from 18/03/2013 to 22/03/2013.
9. Developing PEO and POs in Electrical and Allied branhes at NITTTR Extension Centre, Ahmedabad from 02/09/2013 to 06/09/2013.


1. Dr. S.P.Luthra Gold medal for securing the first rank amongst all PG student in year 2001.

2. University Gold medal for securing first rank in PG programme at Thapar University, Patiala. 

Courses taught

1. Digital Signal Processing.

2. Programmable Logic Controller.

3. Microprocessor and Micro-controller.

4. Control System Design.

Work Experience

1. Lecturer in Instrumentation and Control Engg., Government Polytechnic, Gandhinagar from 06/01/1994 to 10/07/2007

2. Associate Professor, Instrumentation and Control Engg., Government Engineering College, Rajkot from 11/07/2007 to 31/12/2012

3. Associate Professor, Instrumentation and Control Engg., Vishwakarma Government Engineering College, Chandkheda from 01/01/2013 till date


1. Public Information Officer (RTI)

2. Co-ordinator for Finishing School implemented by Education Department.

Academic Project


Patent Filed


Professional Institution Memberships


Expert Lectures


Skill and Knowledge

1 Assembly language programming and hardware design for various series of micro-controllers.

2. MatLab 

Research Project