Faculty Details

  • Designation : Assistant Professor
  • Qualification : M.Tech EC(VLSI Design)
  • Experience : 10 Years
  • Area Of Interest : VLSI

Skills and knowledge

Work experience

Lecturer (E.C)

HGCE,Vahelal  (2009-10)

Assistant professor (E.C)

Institute of Diploma studies,Nirma university (2010-11)
Vishwakarma government engineering college,Chandkheda 2011 

Education Qualification

B.E (Electronics and Communication)

Shantilal shah government engineering college,Bhavnagar 

First Class with Distinction, 2005
M.Tech EC(VLSI Design)

Institute of technology,Nirma university,Ahmedabad

First Class with Distinction, 2008

Courses Taught

Following courses are taught (Lecture and Laboratories) at undergraduate, and post-graduate level

Undergraduate (B. E. Instrumentation & Control)

  1. Circuits and Networks
  2. VLSI Technology and Design
  3. Microprocessor and interfacing
  4. Microcontroller and interfacing
  5. Advanced Microprocessor
  6. Data communication and networking
  7. Integrated Circuit and Application
  8. Electronics and communication
  9. Control system
  10. Basic electronics

 Post – graduate (M. E. EC)

  1. CMOS Circuit Design -1
  2. CMOS Circuit Design -2
  3. VLSI Test principles and Architecture

Training and Workshop

1.Design of Analog CMOS circuits at DAIICT,Ghandhinagar  between 11-22 June,2012

2.IP networking and routing at BSNL Ahmedabad between 23-26 March,2013
3.Induction Phase -1 at NITTTR Bhopal,Ahmedabad between 16-27 Dec,2013
4.Karmyogi Talim at CTE,Ghandhinagar between 21-23 NOV,2013
5..Induction Phase -2 at NITTTR Bhopal,Ahmedabad between 3-14 Feb,2014
6.Recents Developments in VLSI and Image Processing at EC  Department,VGEC,Chandheda between 18-22 May,2015
7.Linear Systems-Modeling,Analysis and Design at IIT Gandhinagar between 22-June to 4-Jul-2015
8.Faculty Development Programme at KCG,Ahmedabad between12-17 Oct,2015
9.Speech source modeling and its applications at DAIICT,Gandhinagar between 4-8 July,2016
10.Future trends in renewable energy sources at VGEC,Chandkheda between 12-17 DEC 2016
11 Wireless and Mobile Communication at NITTTR,Ahmedabad between 6-10 Nov 2017
12 Advances in VLSI Technology at LDCE,Ahmedabad between 28 May to 1st June 2018


Department level Portfolio:

1.PG Coordinator
2.Expert lecture and industry visit arrangement for students 

Research Projects



  1. Eaglekumar G. Tarpara, Jignesh Soni , Naresh Patel,"FPGA Based 1 Channel Fiber Optic Analog Signal Link Using 8B/10B Encoding Scheme"International Conference On Advances In Electronics,Computers And Communications, Bangalore ,10-11 Oct 2014.
  2. Khushali A. Shah1, Mihir V. Shah2, Naresh P. Patel,” Design, implementation and comparison of 6 bit 300MSPS current steering digital to Analog converters”, International journal of Darshan Institute on Engineering Research & Emerging Technologies ,Vol 1, March  2015.
  3. Paritosh Mehta,Naresh Patel,” AMBA 3.0 -AXI :A Review and Comparative Analysis”,NCERT,April 2016
  4. Paritosh Mehta,Naresh Patel,” AMBA 3.0 -AXI :A Review and Comparative Analysis”,NCERT,April 2016
  5. Rinkesh Upase,Naresh Patel, “Review :Impact and Analysis of Different Testability Techniques and Self Test Approach ”, National Conference on Recent Advances in Circuits, Communication and Computing Technologies,March 2017
  6. Abhishek Kushwaha,Naresh Patel ,"A Brief Review On Face Reorganization Technique”,ICTM ,March 2017.


Academic Projects


Patent Filed


Professional Membership


Expert Lectures