Faculty Details

  • Designation : Assistant Professor
  • Qualification : Ph.D (Computer Engineering)
  • Experience : 11 Years
  • Area Of Interest : Text Summarization, Data Analytics

Skills and Knowledge

Tools and Technologies

  • Programming Language (C, Python, SQL, PL/SQL)
  • Text summarization, Data Analytics

Work Experience

1. Lecturer, CCET, Wadhwan city, 9/8/2004 to 6/11/2004
2. Lecturer, CCET, Wadhwan city, 6/12/2004 to 31/07/2006
3. Assistant Professor, Charotar University of Science & Technology 21/05/2007 to 7/5/2011
4. Assistant Professor, VGEC, (19/05/2011 to till date)

Education Qualification

B.E (Information Technology)
Nirma Institute of Technology, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
First Class, 2004

M.E (Computer Engineering)
Dharmsinh Desai University, Nadiad, Gujarat, India
First Class with Distinction, 2008

Ph.D. (Computer Engineering)
Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Courses Taught

Undergraduate (B. E. Computer Engineering)

1. Computer Network
2. Database management System
3. Information and Network Security
4. System Programming
5. Advance Computing Technology
6. Big Data Analytics
7. Computer Programming

Training and Workshop

1. Mobile Application Development, 20/06/2011 To 24/06/2011, VGEC - Chandkheda, Ahmedabad
2. Embedded System Design, 25/06/2012 to 29/06/2012, VGEC - Chandkheda, Ahmedabad
3. Induction Training Programme Phase-I, 23/06/2014 to 4/7/2014, NITTTR Extension Center, Ahmedabad
4. Optimization: Theory and Engineering Practice, 7/12/2015 to 12/10/2015, VGEC - Chandkheda, Ahmedabad
5. Data Mining And Machine Learning, 6/6/2016 to 18/06/2016, IIT- Gandhinagar
6.  Internet of Things: Application and Research Perspective, 12/6/2017 to 18/6/2017, LDRP - Gandhinagar


Institute Level

1. Student Feedback Committee

Department Level
1. GTU Representative
2. Final Year Project Guidance & Evaluation

Research Projects


Paper publications

  1. U. Chauhan, A. Thakkar and A. Ganatra, "Classification Using Adaptive Decision Tree Induction Algorithm for Accuracy and Scale-up Measure," Advances in Data Management, p. 195, 2009. 
  2. U. Chauhan, A. Ganatra, A. Thakkar and Y. P. Kosta, "An analysis and study of decision tree induction operating under adaptive mode to enhance accuracy and uptime in a dataset introduced to spontaneous variation in data attributes," International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, vol. 3, no. 1, 2011. 
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Academic Projects


Patent Filed


Professional Institution Membership

    Indian Society for Technical Education (Life Membership)


Expert Lectures

1. Capturing network traffic using Wire Shark Packet, STTP on  Computer Network: Hands-on using Networking Tools, VGEC, 17/04/17
2. Plotting Graph using GNUPLOTComputer Network: Hands-on using Networking Tools, VGEC, 21/04/17
3. Big Data and Hadoop Configuration, One day workshop, Faculty of Technology, MSU Vadodara, 22/09/17
4. Hadoop Multinode Configuration and Map-Reduce framework, STTP expert talk, 20/02/18, MSU - Vadodara