Ms. Kajal Patel

Faculty Details

  • Designation : Associate Professor
  • Qualification : PhD (Computer Engineering)
  • Experience : 18 Years
  • Area Of Interest : Network Security, DBMS, Programming, Distributed Computing

Skills and Knowledge

Tools & Technology

Operating System :DOS,  Windows 7, Linux
Programming Languages :C, C++, VB, Java ,Android,JSP,servlet
Database Systems : Oracle, My SQL
Web,WAP:HTML,WML,WMLScript,Android, PHP
Exposures :Application Development, Networking

Work Experience

  • Navagujarat College of Computer Applications as Lecturer  4 years for Delivering lectures and conducting laboratory.

  • L.D. college of Engineering as Asst Prof- 8 years                    

  • Government Engineering College, Rajkot Associate  as Professor & HOD of computer department          5 years. Also member of procurement committee in TEQIP,  TEQIP MIS nodal officer.

  • Vishwakarma Govt Engineering College, Chandkheda as Associate Professor

Education Qualification

  • Ph.D. (Comp IT Engg) from Gujarat Technological University in Jan 2018
  • M. E. Computer Science & Engg from L.D.College of Engineering,Ahmedabad(Gujarat Technological University) in 2011
  • B. E. Computer  from SVNIT, Surat (South Gujarat University) in 2000


Courses Taught

Following courses are taught (Lecture and Laboratories) at undergraduate, and post-graduate level

Undergraduate (B. E. Computer Engineering)
1) C Programming
2) C++ Programming
3) Java Programming
4) Advance Java
6) Distributed DBMS
7) Distributed Computing
8) System Programming
9) Digital Electronics
10) Operating System
11) Network Security

Post – graduate (M. E. Computer Engineering)
1) Distributed Computing

Post – graduate (MCA)
2) Network Security
3) Advance DBMS

Training and Workshop

Training Coordinated:

1)      Conducted and coordinated a TEQIP Sponsored one week STTP on “Exploring the Internet for Enhancing Teaching Skills” during 27/7/2015 to 31/7/2015 at GEC Rajkot.

2)      Conducted and coordinated a TEQIP Sponsored one week STTP on “IP Networking and Routing” during 16/1/2017 to 20/1/2017 at GEC Rajkot in association with BSNL Ahmedabad.

3)      Conducted and coordinated a TEQIP Sponsored one day workshop on “Advance topics of C” during on 17 Dec 2016 at GEC Rajkot.

Training Program Attended

  1. Induction Training at NITTTR Extn. Centre, RCTI, Ahmedabad   12/12/2005 to 24/12/2005
  2. Training of Trainers at CRISP Centre, Gandhinagar 7/2/2006    to 9/2/2006
  3. Faculty Development for institutional reforms at                    L. D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad 30/5/2007 to 2/6/2007
  4. Linux installation and programming at VGEC, Chandkheda     24/9/2009 to 29/9/2009
  5. Emerging Trends in network security at SCET, Surat 24/12/2007 to 28/12/2007
  6. Recent Trends and techniques in image processing at UVPCE, Kherva   26/5/2008 to 30/5/2008
  7. Computer Vision & Image processing at SVNIT, Surat 7/7/2008  to 11/7/2008
  8. Train the Trainer at VGEC, Chandkheda 24/11/2008 to 6/12/2008
  9. Android Application development at L. D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad 30/7/2011 to 6/8/2011
  10. Dynamic web page design using PHP at NITTTR Extn. Centre, RCTI, Ahmedabad 22/8/2011 to 26/8/2011
  11. Database Management System at GTU, Ahmedabad 28/11/2011 to9/12/2011
  12. Managerial Skills for technical teachers and administrators at NITTTR Extn. Centre, RCTI, Ahmedabad 11/6/2012 to 22/6/2012
  13. Induction Training Programme Phase II at  NITTTR Extn. Centre, RCTI, Ahmedabad 3/9/2012 to 14/9/2012
  14. Karmayogi Residential training for quality Improvement program in technical education at            Govt of Gujarat, education department 6-Mar-14 to 8-Mar-14
  15. Computer Programming  at IIT, Bombay 20-May-14 to 21-Jun-14
  16. Recent Trends in android application development and advancement in brain machine technology at VVP Rajkot 5-Jan-15 to 9-Jan-15
  17. Design and analysis of Algorithm at SVNIT, Surat 18-May-15 to 22-May-15
  18. Privacy Preserving Data Mining at SVNIT, Surat  25-May-15 to   29-May-15
  19. Mobile application development for android OS                    at AVPTI Rajkot    14-Dec-15 to 18-Dec-15
  20. SAP: TAP at NIT Goa      16-May-16 to 21-May-16
  21. Network Science and Multi-Agent Systems at IIT, Indore 30-May-16 to 10-Jun-16
  22. Advance PHP and MySQL at BSNL Rajkot        6-Feb-17 to 10-Feb-17
  23. IP Networking and Routing  at BSNL Rajkot       16-Jan-17 to  20-Jan-17

Newsletter Coordinator

Coordinate in preparing institute newsletter after each three months

Research Projects


  1. K S Patel, “Study of Operating system of wireless sensor network” ,National Conference IDBIT 2008.
  2. K S Patel and Dr J S Shah, “Use of Mobile agent in data collection”, National conference NCEVT, PEIT, Vadodara in 2010
  3. K S Patel and Dr J S Shah, “Effect of Reduced routing traffic on performance of MANET”, Research Project Fair conference, GTU, Ahmedabad, May 2011
  4. K S Patel and Dr J S Shah, “Behavior of transport layer protocol (UDP) when using in AODV based ad hoc network”, ICTIS 2010, Amritsar
  5. K S Patel and Dr J S Shah, “Behavior of TCP Traffic and TCP connection in MANET with AODV Routing”, ICISET, VVP Rajkot, Feb 2011.
  6. K S Patel and Dr J S Shah, “Analysis of UDP and IP Traffic in MANET using AODV Routing”, ICCET2010 Jodhpur , November 2010.
  7. K S Patel and Dr J S Shah, “Analysis of TCP Traffic in MANET with AODV Routing”, ICISD GCET, V. V. nagar, Jan 2011.
  8. K S Patel and Dr J S Shah, “Comparative analysis of various reputation based trust management system for mobile ad hoc network” ,Indian Journal of applied research, Vol 5 , issue 1(pg 11-12) ISSN- 2249-555X DOI: 10.15373/2249555X
  9. Parth Wadhava and K S Patel, “Analysis of DoS attack on DSR protocol”, IJERA vol 2 issue 2 ISSN 2248-9622 in March 2012.
  10. Rajesh nagar and K S Patel, “Securing AODV protocol against black hole attack”, IJERA Vol 2 issue 1 ISSN 2248-9622, March 2012.
  11. K S Patel and Dr J S Shah, "Study the effect of packet drop attack in AODV routing and MANET and detection of such node in MANET", ICT4SD-Ahmedabad 2015, Volume 1 pp 135-142 10.1007/978-981-10-0129-1_15 ISBN(print) 978-981-10-0127-7.
  12. K S Patel and Dr J S Shah, “Detection and avoidance of malicious node in MANET” , IEEE International Conference on Computer, Communication and Control, MGI Indore, INDIA. September 10 -12, 2015 (IEEE Xplore)
  13. K S Patel and Dr J S Shah, “Analysis of AODV for finding out ideal queue size”, IEEE International Conference on Computer, Communication and Control, MGI Indore, INDIA, September 10 -12, 2015 (IEEE Xplore)
  14. K S Patel and Dr J S Shah , “Analysis of existing Trust based Routing schemes used in Wireless Network” , International Journal of Information Security and Privacy (IJISP) vol 10(Issue 2) April June 2016 IGI Global DOI: 10.4018/IJISP.2016040103 (SCOPUS Index)
  15. K S Patel and M D Titiya, “Trust based Routing to avoid malicious nodes in MANET”, International Journal of Control Theory and Applications  9(21), 2016, pp. 105-110 Scopus Index  

Academic Projects

Technical Education Quality Improvement Program (TEQIP)

MIS Coordinator for TEQIP-II at GEC Rajkot
Member of Procurement Committee in TEQIP-II at GEC Rajkot

Expert Lectures

1)      Delivered an expert lecture on “Thread and Exception handling in Java” for 4th semester student at AVPTI Rajkot in 12 march 2016.

2)      Delivered an expert lecture on “Servlet: Advance Java Programming” for 6th semester students at AVPTI Rajkot on 15/3/2017.


Got 2nd Best Research Paper award at GTU Research and Project fair 2011