Mr. Kaustubh Vyas

Faculty Details

  • Designation : Assistant Professor
  • Qualification : M. Tech. (Electrical)
  • Experience : 6 Years
  • Area Of Interest : Electrical Machine Design, Electrical Power Transmission Technologies, Substation Earthing, Reactive Power Management

Educational Qualifications

B. E. (Electrical)

L. D. College of Engineering, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
First Class with Distinction (2009)

M. Tech (Electrical)

Specialization in Electrical Power Systems
Institute of Technology, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
First Class with Distinction (Gold Medalist) (2012)

PhD (Electrical)
Pursing from PDPU Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

Work Experience

  1. Assistant Professor (Electrical Engineering) Venus International College of Technology (2012– 2016)
  2. Assistant Professor (Electrical Engineering)Vishwakarma Government Engineering College (2016– Continue..)

Subjects Taught

Undergraduate (Electrical Engineering)

  1. Elements of Electrical Engineering
  2. DC Machines and Transformers
  3. AC Machines
  4. Elements of Electrical Desing
  5. Design of DC Machines and Transformers
  6. Design of AC Machines
  7. Power System Analysis and Simulation
  8. Advanced Power Systems
  9. Interconnected Power Systems
  10. Power System Operation and Control
  11. Power System Planning and Design

Postgraduate (Electrical Engineering)

  1. Computer Methods in Power System Analysis
  2. Modern Power System Protection
  3. Power System Modeling and Simulations
  4. Flexible AC Transmission Systems
  5. HVDC and EHVAC Transmission
  6. Electrical Machine Modeling and Analysis

Skills and Knowledge

Software Proficiency:
  2. PSIM
  3. MiPower
  4. ETAP
Interpersonal Skills:
  1. Leadership
  2. Management
  3. Public Speaking
  4. Training
  5. Creative Writing
  6. Individual Counselling

Linguistic Proficiency:
  1. English (Speak/Read/Write)
  2. Hindi (Speak/Read/Write)
  3. Gujarati (Speak/Read/Write)
  4. Sanskirt (Read/Write)

Short Term Training Programs attended

  1. Attended 1 week Training "Future Trends in Renewable Energy Sources", Organised by EE Department VGEC and GTU from 12 - 17 December 2016.
  2. Attended 2 Week Training "Induction Phase - 1", Organized by NITTTR at Ahmedabad Extension Center from 16 - 27 April 2018.
  3. Attended 1 week Training "Advances in Emerging Power Systems Operations, Control and Protection", Organized by School of Technology, PDPU from 5th to 9th March 2019.

Institutional Responsibilities

Institute Level Portfolios:

  • GTU Exam Section 
  • SSIP Institute Core team
Department Level Portfolios:
  • Final Year Project Coordinator
  • SSIP Department Representative


  1. Received Pedagogical Innovation Award (PIA) for outstanding contribution in the field of Open Source Technologies during GTU Innovation Council Awards 2017

Expert Lecture Delivery

  • "Application of MATLAB in Electrical Engineering" at Aditya Silver Oak College of Engineering and Technology in July 2016.
  • "Importance of Reactive Power in Electrical Engineering" at SAL Institute of Technology and Engineering Research in August 2016.
  • "Advances in UHV-AC Transmission Technology: Indian perspective of 1200 kV Line", at Gandhinagar Institute of Technology in February 2019.
  • "Online Virtual Lecture on Electrical Machine Design", at Atharva College of Engineering, Mumbai University in July 2019.

Research Papers in International Journals / Conferences

  1. KA Vyas, JG Jamnani, “Optimal design and development of software for design of substation grounding system”, NUiCONE, Nirma University International Conference on Engineering, Ahmedabad - Gujarat, India, pp. 1-7, December, 2011.
  2. KA Vyas, JG Jamnani, “MATLAB GUI Development Environment Simplifies Deployment of Standalone Software for Optimal Design of Substation Grounding System”, ICCSIT, International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology, Pune – Maharashtra, India, pp. 1 - 6, April, 2012.
  3. KA Vyas, JG Jamnani, "Optimal Design of Grounding System for HV/EHV Substations in Two Layered Soil", International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering, Vol. 2 (5), pp. 383 - 392, May, 2012.
  4. KA Vyas, JG Jamnani, “Development of IEEE complaint software'economical substation grounding system designer' using MATLAB GUI development environment”, International Journal on Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Vol. 4 (2), pp. 335 - 346, June, 2012.
  5. KA Vyas, JG Jamnani, "Optimized design of substation grounding system using newly developed IEEE Compliant Software", International Journal of Engineering Development and Research, Vol 1(1), pp. 88 - 93, January, 2014.
  6.  PK Jani, KA Vyas, JG Jamnani, "Deployment of standalone Software for Performance Analysis of Substation Grounding System", International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Engineering and Technology, Mehsana, Gujarat, India, pp. 1 - 6, March, 2014. 
  7. KA Vyas, JG Jamnani, “Analysis and design optimization of 765 kV transmission line based on electric and magnetic fields for different line configurations”, ICPS, International Conference on Power Systems, pp. 1-6, March, 2016.
  8. KA Vyas, JG Jamnani, "Analytical Design Optimization of 765 kV Transmission Line Based on Electric and Magnetic Fields for Different Line Configurations", European Journal of Advances in Engineering and Technology, Vol. 5 (2), pp. 91 - 98, February, 2018.
  9. KA Vyas, VS Joshi, KA Gopani, DB Shah, SS Shah, "A Novel GUI Based Approach for Computation of Extremely Low Frequency Fields and Corona Effects for UHVAC Transmission Line", I-PACT, International Conference on Innovations in Power and Advanced Computing Technologies, Vellore - Chennai, India, pp. 1 - 5, March, 2019.
  10. KA Vyas, VS Joshi, KA Gopani, DB Shah, SS Shah, "Development of A New GUI Using MATLAB for Performance Evaluation of Power Transmission Lines", SSIP Annual International Conference, Ahmedabad - Gujarat, India, pp. 1 - 6, June, 2019.
  11. KA Vyas, JG Jamnani, "Optimal Design of 1200 kV UHV AC Transmission Lines in India using Newly Developed Standalone MATLAB GUI", International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering, Vol 8 (2), pp. 6191-6197, July, 2019.

Projects Guided

At Under Graduate Level

  • Design and Development of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
  • Manufacturing of Working Panel for Automatic Power Factor Correction
  • Development of Educational tool for Design of Electrical Power Transformers
  • Optimal Design of EHVAC Power Transmission Lines
  • Design Optimization of Substation Earthing System
  • Solar Powered Electric Wheelchair
  • Voice Operated Smart Wheelchair for disabled
  • Working model of RFID based automatic toll collection system
At Post Graduate Level
  • Design and Development of Software for Optimal Design of Substation Grounding system in Multi Layered Soil Structure
  • Right of Way Optimization for Extra High Voltage Transmission Lines
  • Power Transmission Capacity Enhancement of Overhead Power Transmission Lines

Professional Institutional Membership

  1. Life Member of Indian Society for Technical Education

Patents Filed


Research Projects


Workshop/Seminar/Expert Talk/Awards

  1. Attended two days workshop on "Research Opportunities in Collaboration with Industries", organised by VGEC and GUJCOST on 24th-25th Oct-2016