Program Details


Name of the departmentChemical Engineering

CourseBE & ME

Year of starting1994 (BE)
2010 (ME)

LevelUG & PG

1st year of approval by council1994 F-700/41/GJ/(1)/RC/94,11/7/1994 (BE)

Year Wise Sanctioned Intake60 (BE)
18 (ME)

VisionTo foster vibrant environment for creating professional chemical engineers with integrity and ethics.

Mission1. To develop open access laboratories and infrastructure for conducive learning. 
2. To enhance the professional engineering skills along with entrepreneurship, innovativeness and management. 
3. To strengthen linkages with industries, alumni and professional bodies. 
4. To undertake industry collaborative projects and research. 
5. To inculcate professional ethics and make socially responsible engineers. 

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)1. To prepare graduates who will be skilled in fundamental concepts of chemical engineering. 
2. To prepare graduates who will be capable of obtaining position in Industrial, Research, Government, Academic, Entrepreneur or other organizations, which use their technical knowledge and professional skills. 
3. To prepare graduates who will have proficiency in execution of real time Chemical Engineering projects. 
4. To prepare graduates who will contribute to the socio-economic environment of their communities. 

Program Specific Outcome (PSOs)Curriculum of Chemical Engineering is designed to prepare graduates to attain the following program specific outcomes:
1. An ability to grasp and apply chemical engineering fundamentals considering the impact of environment, safety, economics and sustainability. 
2. An ability to design, synthesize, model, simulate, control and optimize chemical engineering processes. 
3. An ability to comprehend new frontiers in chemical engineering, for addressing future challenges faced by society and industry. 
4. An ability to develop soft-skills and leadership attitude to work on industrial and professional arena. 


This lab has high-end facilities like Alpha-FTIR Spectrometer that is equipped with a versatile ZnSe ATR crystal for the analysis of powders, solids, pastes and liquids. It has also UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, suitable for organic and coloured metal samples. Hundreds of organic precursors and salts are available for research, PG and UG level experiments.
This Lab is mostly used for projects, It has analytical facilities, like Lambda LIIR-100 Dual-Beam Infrared Spectrophotometer, High precise balance, Bio-gas plant, Sonicator-600 W, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (Elico SL-159), High-pressure reactor, Carbon-dioxide Supercritical Extractor, Gas Chromatography, Bio-Reactor for micro-organism like bacteria, cyanobacteria, algae growth, fully automatic to control various growth parameters.
The lab is equipped with Distillation trainer, Distillation units-Packed bed, Sieve tray, Steam distillation unit and Absorption unit. Distillation is widely used in petroleum industries and synthetic chemistry.
The lab has a general facility of Flame-photometer, Ph-meter, Conductivity meter, and Turbidity meter. These instruments are suitable for estimation of the various inorganic samples and routine chemical analysis in clinical and chemical industries.
The lab has the facility of Drag coefficient apparatus, used to find drag coefficient which is a dimensionless quantity that is used to quantify the drag or resistance of an object in a fluid environment, such as air or water. Here, friction losses in pipe and Flow measurement devices and set-up are also available.
The lab is equipped with various chemical reactors such as Continuous Stirred tank reactor, Plug flow reactor, Packed bed reactor, Series of CSTR etc., to carry of the chemical reaction and to determine the residence time distribution of the reactor. The Photo-bio reactor is also available.
This lab has facilities of ORCA, MAT lab, Sci lab and various open source solvers, like GAMS.
The lab is equipped with shell and tube heat exchanger, double pipe heat exchanger, emissivity measurement set-up, Heat transfer through composite wall set-up etc.
The Laboratory is well equipped with Jaw Crusher, Roll Crusher ,Ball Mill, Sieve shaker, , Froth Flotation Apparatus, Cyclone Separator, Basket Centrifuge, Belt Conveyor, Screw Conveyor, Pulveriser, Ribbon Blender, Fluidization Unit, Elutriator , Aeration Unit & Horizontal Plate type filter Press.
Temperature, pH control trainer, Interacting and non-interacting system and various other necessary instruments are available for routine experiments of UG and PG students.
The Laboratory is well equipped with Redwood viscometer, Saybolt viscometer, Cloud and pour point apparatus, Cleavend?s open cup tester, Ball and ring apparatus, Pensky marten with electric tester, Ramsbottom carbon residue apparatus, Aniline point apparatus and conradson apparatus.
Facilities for lab scale synthesis of various chemical intermediates and products, like dyes, drugs and soaps. The Bomb calorimeter and Gas calorimeter are also available for UG experiments.

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