Faculty Details

  • Designation : Associate Professor
  • Qualification : ME
  • Experience : 29 Years
  • Area Of Interest : Automation Embeded system & Instrumentation

Personal Information





Educational Qualification

1. B.E. (Instrumentation and Control) from S.S.Engineering College, Bhavnagar, 1991

2. M.E.(Digital Techniques & Instrumentation) From Rajiv Gandhi Prodhyogiki Vishwa Vidhyalaya, Bhopal  2008

3. Ph.D. pursuing in GTU


1. M.M.Sharma, S.C.Choubey “SCADA-Substation Monitoring and Controls" National Conference on Power system, April, 2007 at Ujjain, (M.P.)

2. M.M.Sharma, “Implementation of Low Cost  PIC16F873 based Real Time Embedded System (RTES) for Motor Operated Valve. DRDO sponsored 8th International conference CISCON-      2011at MIT, Manipal, Karnataka, India
3. Jaydeep.Patel, M.M.Sharma, V.M.Patel & G.V.Dihora “Implementation of Low Cost Embedded System for Real Time Automation of Water distribution and Monitoring Network in prototype model town” at International Conference at B. H. Gardi College of Engineering & Technology,Rajkot,2012
4.   M.M.Sharma, Dr. Dr.Bhuvneshkumar Yadav “A Novel Approach to Implement Analog Module of PIC 16F873 as Position Controller in Motor Operated Valve (MOV)”  3rd International Conference on Power, Control and Embedded Systems (ICPCES – 2014)  at MNNIT, Allahabad, India December 26 -28, 2014

Training Details

1 Advanced Sensors-technology & Industrial application 15-Jan-01 21-Jan-01 7 Days IIT,Kharagpur
2 Latest trends of Computers and Communication in Instrumentation 5-Jul-01 19-Jul-01 15 Days DDIT,Nadiad
3 Bio-medical Engineering 30-Dec-02 10-Jan-03 12 Days Nirma,ahmedabad
4 Optical Fibers and LASER technology 9-Jun-03 21-Jun-03 13 Days COEP,Pune
5 VLSI circuit design using VHDL 21-Jun-04 26-Jun-04 5 Days GNIST, Ludhiana
6 Electrical Measurements of Nano Scale Device 20-Sep-07 21-Sep-07 2 Days VGEC, Chandkheda
7 Linux instatllation & Programming 24-Sep-07 29-Sep-07 5 Days VGEC, Chandkheda
8 Laboratory Quality Management & Internal Audit 13-Nov-07 16-Nov-07 4 Days SQTS, banglore
9 Winter School on Nano technology 28-Jan-08 1-Feb-08 5 Days LDRP,Gandhinagar
10 CEC On Digital Control 18-Feb-08 22-Feb-08 5 Days VGEC, Chandkheda
11 SDP On " Modern Controller Design Techniques" 9-Jun-08 13-Jun-08 5 Days MIT,Manipal
12 STTP On  "PLC,SCADA and HMI" 5-Jun-09 9-May-09 5 Days VGEC, Chandkheda
13 STTP On  "World class Manufacturing & Chain management" 3-May-10 7-May-10 5 Days SSEC,Bhavnagar
14 OIP On "Classical Control systems- Theory & Hands-On" 10-May-10 15-May-10 5 Days IIT,Mumbai
15 CEP Course on " Automation & Control" 14-Jun-10 19-Jun-10 5 Days LDCE,Ahmedabad
16 CEP Course on " Digital Control" 6-Dec-10 11-Dec-10 6 Days LDCE,Ahmedabad
17 Embedded System Design 25-Jun-12 29-Jun-12 5 Days VGEC, Chandkheda
18 Special machines and Control 25-Nov-13 29-Nov-13 5 Days NITTTR ,Bhopal
19 Recent research in Advanceed Electrical Machines  30-Dec-13 3-Jan-14 5 Days LDCE,Ahmedabad
20 FDP on Advancement and application of Power electronics in Present scenario 22-Dec-14 26-Dec-14 5 Days MNIT, Jaipur
21 Matlab & GIS Application 27-Apr-15 8-May-15 12 days GP,Gandhinagar
22 Recent research in electrical and electronic engineering 3-Dec-15 8-Dec-15 5 Days SSEC,Bhavnagar
23 Signals & Systems 20-Jun-16 2-Jul-16   IIT,Gandhinagar
24 Management capacity Enhancement Program 13-Feb-17 18-Feb-17   IIM,Udaypur



Course Taught

1. Industrial Measurement-I

2. Industrial Measurement-II

3. Programmable logic controller

4. Micro controller and its interfacing

Work Experience

1. Lecturer-Adhoc in Instrumentation and Control Engg, Government Polytechnic, Ahmedabad from 31/07/1993 to 13/12/1999.

2. Lecturer in Instrumentation and Control Engg. Government Engineering College, Gandhinagar from 14/12/1999 to 01/08/2009.

3. Lecturer in Instrumentation and Control Engg. Shantilal Shah Engineering College, Bhavnagar from  02/08/2002 to 02/03/2009.

4. Associate Professor, in Instrumentation and Control Engg., Shantilal Shah Engineering College, Bhavnagar from 03/03/2009 to 11/07/2017.

5. Associate Professor, in Instrumentation and Control Engg. Vishwakarma Govt. Engineering College, Chandkheda, Ahmedabad from  to 12/07/2017 to till date.


1. Incharge Student Section, Scholarship

2. Nodal Officer- NAMO Wi-Fi
3. Nodal Officer-ACPC-Help Center Degree Engineering 
4. Nodal Officer- ACPC-Help Center Degree/Diploma Pharmacy.

Academic Project


Patent Filed


Professional Institution Memberships

ISTE Life member

Expert Lectures


Skill & Knowledge

1.Testing and calibration of pressure/Temp/Level /Flow measuring Analog meters

2.4-20 mA 2.3 & 4 wire transmitters
3. 8051 family assembly programming

Research Project